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maracatu / afoxé / samba-de-coco / pifanos / forró / baião / ciranda / toré / reisado / embolada / caboclinho / Afro-Brazilian music powered by the festival Festa Junina Internacional, and some of the best Brazilian DJs // Festa Junina Berlin / London / Tokyo / Brasiliens Grösstes Volksfest // Brazil’s Largest Community Festival //ブラジル最大のコミュニティフェスティバル /// Known regular in the international scenes, Tahira makes people dance around the world, indulging in the highlight of more obscure Brazilian genres. Focusing his research on music influenced by Indigenous and African cultures, he proposes the discovery of “another Brazil”. Through his approach, he tries to deepen the very genesis of one of the most hybrid countries in the world, as well as to introduce these old and new rhythms to our dance-floors. Just like Analog Africa or Soundway deepened the expression of their culture after Fela Kuti, Tahira tells the story of Brazil’s multiple faceted tribal roots.

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